BG CT6 Large Capacity Coolant Transfusion System



BG CT6 Large Capacity Coolant Transfusion System vacuums out used coolant and then installs new coolant.

Engine coolant is under extreme pressure to perform. As coolant flows through the engine, it gradually loses its additives and thus becomes corrosive and unable to effectively dissipate heat from the engine or insulate it from the cold. Conventional drain-and-fill methods of changing coolant are time-consuming and messy.


• Removes worn out coolant and installs new coolant
• Has a 15-gallon capacity designed to service heavy truck and farming equipment with or without running the engine
• Sends clean fluid through places in the coolant system not accessible when fluid is flowing in the regular direction

The BG CT6 operates like the BG CT4 for large capacity applications.


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